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Dark Construktor (2016)

Dark Construktor (2016)


New 5 track EP – Fresh from the Heavy Metal factory.




Starcrossed Lovers

First single out of our next EP Dark Construktor. Also included two 8bit retro remixes.


Spies, Moles And Sabotage ! (2013)

Live album recorded under extreme conditions, in the heat of “La Cantine de Belleville”…!


Riding The Derelict (2012)

First studio release, packed with heavy riffes, bluesy licks and hard rocking everything else…!


Full Discography

Full Discography

Bonus tracks, Bootlegs, compilations…
All about it.


The Band

Wreck Plus is one of these bands out of space and time.

Its music is reminiscent to vintage hard rock and metal music, from Creedence to Black Sabbath, and their sound aims to please the audiophiles. Wreck Plus blends "heartfelt" guitar riffs and heavy rocking drums with melodic lyrics, providing powerful, yet sincere, songs and live shows.

The self-produced 'Riding The Derelict' EP, the quartet's studio debut, illustrates the band's old school musical approach, and its enthusiasm for sonic production.

In 2016, Wreck Plus came back with a new record, Dark Construktor, and with even more dedication, bringing back the good old vintage heavy metal vibe. The new EP is now out on all modern streaming platforms, but aims to take you back in the glory era of heavy music that was the 70s.

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News from the Band

2017-10-26 19:58:24
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Opening for Mammoth Mammoth!

Wreck Plus will have the pleasure of opening for the world’s greasiest australian rock band, holder of a Guiness record of self-infliged beer showers in hectoliters per capita. (more…)

2017 / 10 / 26
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More reviews

Encouraging reviews from Riff Relevant, Desert Psychlist and the Burning Beard below.


2017 / 04 / 30
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Dark Construktor in Rock Hard France

First magazine review for Wreck Plus ! (more…)

2017 / 03 / 09
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New music video

New music video – featuring green screens, space octopus, planets – is out!  (more…)

2017 / 02 / 20
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New Review from Laws Listens

Great review of Dark Construktor from San Francisco ! (more…)

2017 / 02 / 05
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