Starcrossed Lovers

The Starcrossed Lovers single is a preview of Dark Construktor. It features the title track with a different mix from the full EP with two bonus 8 bit remix.

The cover was made by good old H-P Matthieu, and is a Lovecraftian take on the Creation of Adam. The mixing was made by the amazing Julien Creus.

It was released on april 15, 2016 exclusively on the interwebs.
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1 – Starcrossed Lovers (Extended Version)
2 – Digital Aggression(Megaman X 8Bit Remix)
3 – Starcrossed Lovers (Famicom RPG 8Bit Remix)


“Le morceau s’étale sur plus de six minutes sans temps faible, la prestation vocale de Yoann Avanthey impressionne, la fin instrumentale est habilement ficelée, on sent qu’on s’est bien fait plaisir à torcher ça. Bref, que du bonheur !” (“The song stretches on more than six minutes without any low points, the vocal performance of Yoann Avanthey is impressive, the instrumental ending is well done, we can feel they had fun rocking this.”) – Long John Silver’s review on Forces Parallèles.