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A stray cat wandering in the dead of the night. Instincts that were once deeply buried are coming back. Flirting with danger. Feeling free... This isn't exactly your regular wildlife documentary. It’s Heavy Metal.
Wreck Plus is back for some high speed, heavy and greasy rocking on a new single titled "Roars in the Dead of Night". This is an annunciation a full opus predicted for the year two thousand nineteen.
Roars in the Dead of Night (2018)

Roars in the Dead of Night (2018)







New 2 two track single.




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Dark Construktor (2016)

New 5 track EP – Fresh from the Heavy Metal factory.


Starcrossed Lovers

First single out of our next EP Dark Construktor. Also included two 8bit retro remixes.


Spies, Moles And Sabotage ! (2013)

Live album recorded under extreme conditions, in the heat of “La Cantine de Belleville”…!


Riding The Derelict (2012)

First studio release, packed with heavy riffes, bluesy licks and hard rocking everything else…!


The Band

1974, in the very depth of Europe, four individuals discovered the roar that produced a succession of transistors and tubes once connected to a magical instrument… It was loud, sensual and chaotic. In excess for sure. They disappeared in the most bizarre circumstances and nobody every heard of them since then.

In 2009, a group of the same number of individuals claims it escaped from a dark and secret cryonics project. Awakened in Ivry sur Seine, France, they intend to continue the story where it was stopped.

This declaration, if not a vengeance, Wreck Plus delivers it in an old school heavy metal fashion, through innovative songs where the riff is king. Every song has an identify of its own and a memorable atmosphere. All together this forms a tribute to Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Kiss, ZZ Top and Blue Oÿster Cult…

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News from the Band

New music video

Epic battle of gurus in heavy metal mass.

2019 / 05 / 28
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2018-07-21 14:12:30
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New Music Video for Smashed…!

Here’s a new music video shot during the recording of our latest single


2018 / 07 / 21
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Release of a new two-track single!

Wreck Plus is proud to release on digital music platforms its new Maxi Single “Roars in the Dead of Night”. (more…)

2018 / 05 / 18
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More reviews

Encouraging reviews from Riff Relevant, Desert Psychlist and the Burning Beard below.


2017 / 04 / 30
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Dark Construktor in Rock Hard France

First magazine review for Wreck Plus ! (more…)

2017 / 03 / 09
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