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Release of Dark Construktor

After the “Riding the Derelict” EP, Wreck Plus now presents is second studio release “Dark Construktor”, out since December 9th 2016.

On this new opus, Wreck Plus welcomed a new singer Yoann Avanthey, and redefined their artistic line. The music is still anchored in seventies heavy music, but draws a stronger emphasis on NWOBHM and Stoner sounds. This new EP showcases more maturity, after two years of hard work. Throughout Dark Construktor, the identity of the group distinguishes itselft halfway between a traditional Heavy Metal sound and an “Avant-Garde” stoner sound. To put their style in short: retrofuturistic.

Sometimes dark, sometimes enthusiastic, Wreck Plus’ songs form a coherent and dynamic whole. The first two tracks blend groovy and driving guitar riffs with Doom melodies, echoing to Trouble and Black Sabbath. After an electronic interlude, the melodic vocal lines shine on “Starcrossed Lovers”, and its vintage vibes. The EP ends with the eccentricity of “Esoterhythm”, a heavy rocker inspired by Caribbean groove. To sum up, Wreck Plus’ touch reveals itself all along Dark Construktor, a mashup between old and future times.

The cover was designed by Jo Riou, a French graphic designer who has contributed to numerous Stoner projects throughout France. In this project, Jo emphasized on this retro futuristic aspect of the band. The mixing was done by the very talented Julien Creus, who is now the official sound engineer for the band.

The EP was launched on December 9th 2016 during a release party. The event took place at the Dr Feelgood in Paris, a venue where the Heavy / Stoner community meet. The concert was booked by local Stoner bookers Fuzzoraptors, and featured Iron Lizards, The Necromancers and Wreck Plus as the headliner. The new EP was presented to a large and enthusiastic crowd of Stoner fans. On February 14th , a music video for Starcrossed Lovers was released. Made as a tribute to old TV performances by classic rock bands, it features a performance by the band on a green screen, as well as a meticulous selection of archive movies.

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Gabriel Kheradmand guitars

Axel Thomas drums

Gabriel Redon bass

Yoann Avantey vocals