New EP announcement

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Dark Construktor will be the next release from Wreck Plus. Tracklist and teaser below.

Dark Construktor is the second studio EP from Wreck Plus. The initial idea was to give an update on how our muiscal identity evolved almost three years after 2012’s Riding The Derelict. Of course one strong factor in this evolution was welcoming our new singer. We were motivated as well by the will to push further what we had already started, making it stronger and heavier. In this EP, we kept on sharing our music tastes, from vintage hard rock and heavy metal to today’s stoner scene, also throwing crazy ideas here and there.

The released in planned for December 9th.


1 – Dark Construktor
2 – Leaders of Great Magnitude
3 – Arturia: Stellar Blacksmith (instrumental)
4 – Starcrossed Lovers
5 – Esoterhythm

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