First feedback from the EP

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We made it into Heavy Planet’s Nuclear Dog’s top 20! 

We are incredibly grateful of the response you gave us on our new record so far ! One week after the release of Dark Construktor, we’ve never received such a support. We still working to show you more stuff, new music video and new songs.  – From our Facebook page

Also very good feedback so far from people who listened to our record:

“Tight and imaginative retro-fuzz from this gifted quartet that rocks hard and fast with relish and rigor” – Nuclear Dog’s Favourites of 2016 on Heavy Planet

“Rocks hard in the vein of the 70s musical heroes who inspired it. Best enjoyed with the volume loud and a pair of large headphones. Favorite track: Leaders of Great Magnitude.” – Skyler Isaac on our Bandcamp page

Superb 70’s vintage heavy metal that gets better with every listen. Great stuff! Can’t wait to hear more from these guys. Favorite track: Dark Construktor. ” – Keanan Grieser on our Bandcamp page

“L’autre morceau phare, c’est l’éponyme « Dark Construktor », dont les riffs initiaux nous remémorent les trois premiers albums de BLUE ÖYSTER CULT avant une rupture à la Sabbath millèsime 80’s, permettant à Yoann Avanthey de donner la mesure en voix de fausset. De bons riffs, une vraie mélodie, que demander de plus ?” – Long John Silver’s review on Forces Parallèles (french)

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