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Great review of Dark Construktor from San Francisco !

Thanks to Laws from Laws Listen for this very positive and accurate review.

“Though they bill themselves as “Heavy rockers from the future,” Paris-based Wreck Plus’s latest EP is right at home next to all the 70s heavy metal in your music library. This is a conscious effort on the band’s part, who greet readers of their liner notes with an all-caps proclamation: “YOU’VE JUST STEPPED INTO A TIME MACHINE, AND IF ALL IS RIGHT… WELCOME TO 1976.” At the same time, the music is fresh in the way that a garage band can be. The riffs are heavy but not constricting. The rhythms are appropriately headbang-inducing, but creative enough to keep you listening actively. In this five-song, 25-minute release, Dark Construktor (2016) hits its target. It sounds like a bunch of guys who really love classic heavy metal playing music in their apartment, and that’s exactly what it is, given that some of the bass, guitar, and vocals were recorded in their home studio. It also sounds like they’re having a lot of fun, and so did I.”

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“Dark Construktor” by Wreck Plus

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