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Encouraging reviews from Riff Relevant, Desert Psychlist and the Burning Beard below.

The Riff Relevant team recently posted a very nice review. Here is an excerpt:

My favorite tracks are the psychedelic intro piece ‘Arturia: Stellar Blacksmith‘ and the song it introduces, ‘Starcrossed Lovers‘ (official video is found below). Once the trippy intro is unfurled, the resulting song is a flurry of blistering guitar riffs and dizzying rhythms.

Find out the full review of Riff Relevant here.


Frazer D. Jones from Desert Psychlist also showed his support on Bandcamp:

“Scorching old school metallic grooves salted with a touches of stoner,space and psych colouring.
Excellent! Favorite track: Leaders of Great Magnitude. “


From the Burning Beard‘s article:

“Closing track “Esoterhythm” closing things out with some thunder. Heavy on the cymbals and heavy on the high riffs Wreck Plus play us out with a bang. I’m hoping these guys follow up with a concept full album, the attention to detail is fantastic.”

Thank you Dan! Check his full review here.

Thank you friends!

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